Child COVID Cases Boomed Across The States With Reopening Of Schools

The rapid spread of the Delta Variant made a massive switch in the entire educational system. Multiple educational institutions had to postpone their back-to-school plans. The pandemic situation demanded all students to engage in virtual learning and halting instruction altogether.

As per Burbio, a Pelham, NY, data service almost 1000 schools all across 31 states were shut down. These shutdowns have hugely affected schools in the Deep South as they were the first to open, leaving behind a warning for the students who were expecting to start school this month.

State data revealed that in New Mexico, almost 10% of the total 317,000 students had to spend time in quarantine after schools had reopened. The State Health Department, reported that, in Mississippi the education system had inaugurated the new academic early this August and as a result 13, 715 students tested positive and 20, 000 had to be in quarantine for as long as three weeks. Similarly, in Georgia half of the COVID-19 cases in the state comprised students.

Courtesy: MDedge

Unlike the State Healthcare Department, the school representative seems pretty positive even in this given situation. For instance, Cristen Maddux, the spokeswoman for Indian River County School District in Florida, said, “We’re not scared of the future necessarily. The closures have gone very smoothly, and we’re just going to take it one day at a time.”

Bottom Line: Multiple schools had taken the initiative to reopen their classrooms and bring back the system of normal education. This step only led to a massive increase in COVID-19 cases across states like Mississippi, New Mexico and multiple others.

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