Hospitals Are Filled With Rising COVID Cases To Serve Other Emergencies

Patients seek urgent medical care are at a very endangering situation as hospitals are getting over booked with record increasing COVID-19 patients. Doctors & Hospital Executives observe excessive number of COVID patients’ admissions everyday which is creating a unwanted situation to preserve treatment facility for other patients, even in emergencies.

The hospitals are even lagging behind to provide staff or capacity to provide medical support for emergencies from COVID-19 to minor surgical procedures like gallbladder removal.

Scott Steiner, chief executive of the Phoebe Putney Health System said, “If you’re coming in with a heart attack, is there going to be a delay in your care? Of course, there is”.

The number of COVID-19 hospitalization has jumped to 100,000 for the second time in the pandemic, as the highly contagious virus again being observed to spreading over.

The scenario has gone worsen at certain hospitals as they had to keep patients in waiting even seeking ventilation support or such other life supports. As a result, hospitals are deliberately searching for available beds in others and started inter referring among themselves.

The delayed admissions are becoming a cause of higher death rates for in-hospital cases as patients are availing beds at even worse condition. Ian Barbash, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh and ICU doctor said that there are about 50 additional death counts for every 10,000 non-Covid-19 patients.

Bottom Line: Exceeding COVID hospitalization cases has left least room for medical care for non-covid patients as healthcare infrastructure at many hospitals getting overwhelmed already.

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