EPA Bans Pesticide Chlorpyrifos Effecting Brain Damage To Chlidren

The Environment Protection Agency has decided to ban all forms of farm pesticides that are extensively used to control crop pests. They argue that these pesticides are very much toxic to a child’s brain.

On Wednesday, The Environment Protection Agency announced that they are banning complete usage of the pesticide named chlorpyrifos on all edibles. This action is the result of the Ninth Court of Appeals from April’s ruling. The appeal comprises that EPA has to ban the usage of this pesticide on all food items unless they succeed in proving that the pesticide has nothing harmful in it.

In 2007, The Natural Resources Defense Council had instructed to prohibit all kinds of food that contain traces of the pesticide.

Administrator Michael Regan comments, “Today EPA is taking an overdue step to protect public health, ending the use of chlorpyrifos on food will help to ensure children, farmworkers, and all people are protected from the potentially dangerous consequences of this pesticide.”

Courtesy: Civil Eats

The EPA is responsible for processing pesticide regulations on food. EPA’s last remark was, “The insecticide is used throughout agriculture on crops including soybeans, almond trees, grapes, broccoli, and cauliflower, and is potentially harming workers along with children.”

Bottom Line: The widely used food agricultural insecticide chlorpyrifos is on the verge of getting banned by EPA as it contains brain-damaging toxic effects for children.

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