Afghan Women Fear To Loose Their Social Rights In Taliban Reign

Women in Afghanistan are putting themselves back in shells with a great fear of losing their human rights under Taliban rule as they seized country’s power a few days back.

The Taliban had banned all female independence under their own line ups naming religious hard lines during their last ruling in 1990s. The state was considered be the worst for women’s freedoms as they were restricted to have school education, drive cars or engage in open sports or cultural activities in public, and to follow covered burqa & headscarf for outerwear. 

As Taliban seized the control over Afghanistan now again, they are trying really hard to portray themselves as moderate compared to the last time, they were in power around the 1990s, saying that Taliban rule was comprised of Sunni Islam and their ill-treatment to the women of their region.

Courtesy: The Diplomat

The present Taliban rule has publicly pledged to respect women and all women rights, within the limits of Islam, but has not submitted to any promise or an elaborated reading on the matter. The Islamic law is pretty diverse and individuals both inside and outside Afghanistan fear its impact on the freedom rights of women.

Bottom Line: With the emergence of the Taliban rule all over Afghanistan, the women are not only afraid to step out but also fear speaking out as their freedom would soon be chained again like in the 1990s.

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