UN Panel Shows How Human Activity Causes Drastic Change In Climate Globally

A research panel of scientists of the United Nations reveals the hard truth that greenhouse-gas emissions by human industrialization & other activities is affecting climates with global warming resulting rising sea level, melting ice caps and slow but gradual rise of the planet’s temperature.

According to the research study, World’s leading states, the island nations and western countries are especially responsible for this messing climate change situation. The most important cause that identified creating greenhouse gas trapped atmosphere is the consumption of fossil-fuel as the source of energy.

The U.S. climate envoy John Kerry opined “The impacts of the climate crisis, from extreme heat to wildfires to intense rainfall and flooding, will only continue to intensify unless we choose another course for ourselves and generations to come.” He also added “What the world requires now is real action.”

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, led by 195 governments, reflects how the quick urbanization with industrialization including other human activities caused record heatwave, droughts, more intense storms and other extreme weather events during recent times. It also shows how rising atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases even effecting ozone layers.

The global temperature is marked to be increasing 1.1 degree Celsius since 1850 and expected 1.5 degrees over next 20 years.

Courtesy: NASA

NOAA’s Dr. Barrett said, “We know there is no going back from some changes in the climate system, but some can be slowed or stopped if emissions are reduced.”

Bottom Line: Scientific research shows how human activity is getting responsible for drastic atmospheric changes causing uncertain natural calamities and gradual raise in planet’s temperature.

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