Official Notes Disclose How Trump Discredited The 2020 Election

Last year, around late December, then-President, Donald Trump forced the officials of the Top Justice Department, to declare the 2020 election as corrupt, in order to sustain his efforts to revoke Joe Biden’s victory, revealing notes of the conversation.

This demand, by Mr. Trump, was made around 27th December, where then Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and his deputy, Richard Donoghue had scribbled down notes from Trump’s phone call to them and later released it to Congress and finally made it public this Friday.

As per Mr. Donoghue’s notes, Mr. Trump had said, “Just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen.” Later, Mr. Rosen had replied in favor of the Justice Department, “can’t + won’t snap its fingers + change the outcome of the election, doesn’t work that way.”

Mr. Donoghue’s notes further revealed, Mr. Trump’s criticism, “People are angry – blaming DOJ + for inaction” and “DOJ failing to respond to legitimate complaints/report of crimes.”

Courtesy : ABC News

House Committee and House Oversights’ notes forecasted how desperately Mr. Trump wanted to undo Mr. Biden’s win. Mr. Trump’s comment was, “You guys may not be following the internet the way I do.”

Bottom Line: Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, released to Congress and recently to the public, handwritten notes, concerning Mr. Trump and his phone call from December, 27 alleged pursuing Presidential election process of 2020.

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