The First Look On Mars Interior By NASA’s InSight Lander Reveals Big Surprise

On Thursday, NASA-funded researchers have successfully mapped the interiors of Mars using the seismic data from Mars InSight Lander which helped reveal the planet with a molten core of surprising size and composition.

This interior map of Mars exhibits how dramatically different it is from that of Earth. In fact, this was the first-ever interior map created after Earth. Mars boasts a thicker crust and the underlying mantle layers are a lot thinner. Its core is bigger but less dense and is more liquid by nature, smoothing that the researchers did not expect.

Sanne Cottaar, a seismologist at the U.K.’s University of Cambridge, said, “It gives us our first sample of the inside of another rocky planet like Earth, built out of the same materials but very, very different, it is impressive.”

Dr. Cottaar was not involved in the new research, yet commented that the findings were “A major leap forward in planetary seismology.”

Courtesy : News Atlas

On Thursday, the scientists submitted three papers in this regard. According to them, Mars is way older than Earth, it was formed millions of years earlier, during the period when the Sun was still condensing from clouds of glowing gas.

Bottom Line: Nasa’s research team analysis reveals unexpected first-look information collected from seismic data on Mars’s bigger molten core region along with inner structures, a lot different from the planet Earth.

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