3 Democrats Who Fled State To Block GOP Got COVID-19

The Texas House Democratic Caucus said on Saturday that three Democratic members of the Texas House of Representatives tested positive for COVID-19 while in Washington, DC.

In a spectacular walkout last week, legislators departed the Lone Star State to prevent a series of Republican proposals from passing in a legislative special session, most notably a restricted voting bill championed by GOP Gov. Greg Abbott and Republican senators.

The caucus stated in a statement sent to Insider that the members, who have not been identified, were properly immunized.

After one politician tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday, the rest of the delegation was subjected to quick testing. On Saturday, two more people tested positive.

After being completely vaccinated, it is possible to test positive for COVID-19.

When the risk of getting COVID-19 while vaccinated is minimal, vaccinated persons who experience viral symptoms should separate themselves from others and be clinically examined and tested, according to the CDC. Vaccinated persons who do not exhibit symptoms do not need to be isolated or tested following suspected exposure.

Last Tuesday, Vice President Kamala Harris met with members of the caucus.

Harris senior advisor and main spokesperson Symone Sanders stated in a statement that the vice president was not in close proximity to the senators who tested positive and that no additional action was required.

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