Jarod Ramos Found Guilty For Killing 5 in MD Newsroom Shooting In 2018

The Jury Board found the gunman, Jarod Ramos who had killed 5 individuals at the Maryland Newspaper as criminally guilty rejecting the defense attorney’s futile arguments on mental illness of the accused.

A jury consisting of four women and eight men found that gunman, Jarod Ramos was capable of understanding his actions and confirmed law requirements when he had attacked at the newsroom in Capital Gazette in 2018.

The jury’s finding determines that Jarod Ramos will be sentenced to imprisonment and not to the maximum-security mental health facility. Excluding parole, the prosecutors are aiming for five life sentences.

Jarod Ramos had already pleaded guilty in 2019, to the absolute 23 counts against him but had pleaded not criminally responsible, as per Maryland’s version of an insanity plea.

Courtesy : CNN

His trial’s second phase had been delayed numerous times, including recent delays due to the Pandemic. The battle was particularly between mental health experts of defense attorney and prosecutors.

Bottom Line: Maryland jury’s verdict finds gunman Jarod Ramos criminally responsible for killing 5 in Maryland Newsroom shooting in 2018 dictating life sentence imprisonment for his crime. His plea for the mental illness responsible for the killing was duly overruled.

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