Data Shows Hospitals Over-charge To Uninsured Patients

Latest data analysis reveals that Hospitals are charging abnormally high amount to patients paying by cash without insurance even with higher amount than an insured patient in some cases.

Last November, a patient named Raul Macias was rushed into the emergency of St. Luke’s Hospital in Aberdeen, S.D. The doctors there immediately discovered a life-threatening tear in the lining of Raul’s largest artery. Without wasting further time they right away shifted him to Avera’s health heart hospital. Mr. Macias remained hospitalized there for a total of three days.

This 32-year-old patient was charged for an abdominal and pelvic scan at Avera, costing $6,422 which was too much even with some of the highest hospital charges according to Avera’s old confidential hospital price data. Mr. Macias’s billed amount represented three times more than the negotiated amount with any insurance company.

Courtesy : Getty Images

Mary Daniel, chief executive of ClaimMedic, the company negotiates bill amount for patients with hospitals says, “It’s really criminal, the mess that our current system is in, it is a deliberate attempt for these hospitals to gouge the uninsured.”

Bottom Line: An unveiled truth came in front when hospital data is showing that they are charging too high amount to patients without insurance rather than insured patients’ amount negotiated with health insurance companies.

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