The Rapid Spread Of The Delta Variant Is Causing Many Countries To Reinstate COVID-19 Restrictions

A major setback is observed around the world where many countries withdrawn the uplifting of COVID-19 restrictions due to deadlier effects of its Delta Variants. It is spreading very swiftly in economically poor countries with less vaccination rates and low health care infrastructure.

The global pandemic chains are yet to broken completely as the variant is taking its own path in poor countries with less number of vaccination, critical care treatment facilities. However, countries who have a fairer rate of vaccination and well-equipped health-care system managed to break through.

85 countries at present, found Delta variants which caused 100% more contiguous where the most deadly variant is found in Latin American countries.


Many European, Australian and Asian countries have suspended their plans of uplifting restrictions with banning international and controlling domestic human traffic. China is implementing obvious quarantine for International passengers before entering the country. Australia and Japan has made many sector based lock-downs to certain areas to break the chain. African and Polynesian countries are suffering a lot with overflown hospitals for unmanaged low rate of vaccination.

It is also observed that many countries and regions are suffering more with Delta compare to its original version in last year.

Bottom Line: Many countries have decided to accelerate their vaccination rate higher before lifting up restrictions. Also, the uplifting will be controlled at the primary level with marking transitions in certain regions, acclaiming vaccination certificates from the individuals and must-to-do health check for the strangers as the outbreak ratio and control rate is not equal to everywhere.

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