Google holds Cookie Removal till Late 2023

Google‘s plan for replacing third party cookies appearing on their browser by initiating tracking technology concerning from privacy advocacy is getting delayed till late 2023, almost another couple of years from its primary time frame early 2022.

The Alphabet Inc. informed that their Chrome internet browser, which has a 60% market occupancy worldwide, will not support any technology like third party cookies to track users.

They also added they are delaying to provide enough time to the publishers and advertisers to be more comfortable with the new technology, targeted ads – the replacement for cookies.

The decision will definitely put the tech giants into a challenge to keep the $455 billion online advertisement system unharmed despite of a stronger privacy protection to the users. Apple already have a launched one that all apps seek permissions from users to track them with a few more.

There are also a huge number of complaints from advertisers that these technology will only strengthen Google’s own advertisements putting others in an odd competition.

Source : OpenJDK

Online advertisement experts like Ellie Bamford of RGA, Paul Bannister of Café Media are expressing anxiety that if Google’s new technology will be fruitful enough compare to cookies to earn enough amount if they are not underestimating advertisers’ fear.

Bottom Line: Google decided to remove third party cookies, user tracking technology from its platforms, especially Chrome, latest by 2023 with a challenge to keep the online advertisement ongoing without any stumble to gain good returns.

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