Poor Vaccination Rate Led Latin America Be The Deadliest COVID-19 Hotspot

COVID-19 pandemic converted South America as hotspot with a continuous huge death toll around 8 times higher than the rest of the world. This is very much unfortunate that continent is suffering with about a million death, almost one fourth of entire global death count with only 5% of world population.

It is assumed that lower rate of vaccination, poor healthcare infrastructure, higher obesity rate, and uncontrolled crowd are the reasons behind the massive death rate where attacks of newer Gamma variant hit the nail on the coffin.

However, the main source of the reasons behind all these is an increasing number of people pushed below the poverty line due to disrupted economic strategies being exercised for years.

It is also observed from the opinions of the different South American state officials that they failed to presume the situation and plan solutions accordingly.

Ms. Carissa F. Etienne, director of PAHO (Pan American Health Organization), appealed to G-7 leaders to donate at a least billion doses at the earliest to meet up the immediate crisis to control situation.

Bottom Line: The larger countries in South America have an inconceivable COVID-19 death rate. Brazil is suffering 7 times higher deaths than that of India’s pick time number, while Argentina and Columbia in together counted 3 times higher deaths than the whole count in entire Africa.

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