People Find Late Loved Ones On Google Maps

Searching through Google Street View for strange things or bizarre moments captured in freezeframe has become some-sort of niche internet pastime for millennials.

While, most of the things found on Google Street View are somewhat embarrassing moments that you would want to be removed, but it has also brought happiness among some groups of people, who are sharing Google Street View images featuring friends and relatives who have since died. In some ways, this has brought joy into some people’s lives who can go back to the moment when their loved ones were alive.

This trend was started by a post on the Twitter account Fesshole, which normally asks followers to submit anonymous confessions – many of which are explicit.

Karim Palant used Google Street View to find a former image of his late grandfather Charles Palant, taken from the street in 2015.

Charles Palant, above, talking to his carer who is in the street. Credit Google & BBC

Charles Palant after few months.

“He was in that flat for maybe 70 years, and I spent loads of happy times there,” Karim said.

“It’s such a sunny day in the photo and he looks so relaxed, it just reminds me of a happy time and place,” he said.

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