Gaza: Israeli airstrike kills disabled man, pregnant wife, child

According to relatives and officials, an Israeli air raid on a Gaza family home killed a disabled Palestinian man, his pregnant wife, and their three-year-old daughter.

Eyad Salha, 33, his wife Amani, 33, and their daughter Nagham were preparing to eat lunch on Wednesday when a missile ripped through the seaside building’s facade, destroying all three rooms in their Deir el-Balah flat in central Gaza.

The family’s living room had been blown up, and the mangled remains of a child’s red bicycle lie in the rubble. A bowl of fresh red tomatoes was coated in grey dust inside their toppled fridge.

Omar Salha, 31, was distraught at the morgue and said his brother Eyad had been unable to walk for 14 years and was not an armed fighter.

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