Bill Gates left Microsoft’s board amid an investigation into a prior relationship with an engineer at Microsoft

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has been hitting the headlines of every news after a recent revelation. It is alleged that the nerdy do-gooder billionaire had a reputation for questionable behavior long before his divorce.  

It’s been a year since Bill Gates stepped down from the board of Microsoft, a company he co-founded. Back then it didn’t mean much, just seemed like a generous tech billionaire retiring from the hustle and bustle of running a multi-billionaire tech giant and invest his time in philanthropy. But of course, things weren’t that simple.

According to a report published by The Wall Street Journal on Sunday, Gates didn’t step down from his willingness but the board at Microsoft decided it. For those of you who haven’t already guessed the reason; He allegedly had an affair with a Microsoft engineer and the board had pursued an investigation into it. Gates resigned from the post before the investigation was even complete. Ideal Bill doesn’t seem so ideal after all.

All these allegations have definitely thrashed his good boy image in the public and more or less certainly will hurt his philanthropy and environmental endeavors. Inevitably, his spokeswoman came forward in his defense and claimed the affair was nearly 20 years ago and his decision to step down was completely irrelevant to the investigation. Well, it doesn’t matter. He was still married to Melinda Gates 20 years ago so bringing up the birth-year of the immoral affair makes no sense.

It is a mystery how much Melinda knew about his not-so-good deeds during the years at Microsoft. But the report has it Gates relation with Jeffrey Epstein (yes the same Jeffrey Epstein) is what played the vital role in breaking the marriage after being together for 27 years.

It doesn’t end here. There were multiple instances where Gates reportedly asked his employees to go out with him. It seems as if the billionaire’s life has been spiraling out of control with all these revelations after his divorce.

Although, spokesperson for Gates condemned all these headlines coming out about Gates people are not willing to believe Bill Gates is such a good boy. One can say he managed to stay out of big controversies over the years but a lot of people still remember that he planned to initiate monopoly in the past. Not to mention his personal record for being pied. All-in-all only time will tell the fate of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which they plan to run together.

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