Elon gave away an idea that would directly impact 25% of American’s daily life and no one noticed it

Elon Musk, probably one of the most talked-about innovators of the decade. Honestly, one must be living under the rock to not have heard about him. Anyways, for those who don’t know who Elon Musk is; he makes electric cars and builds reusable rockets. 

With unimaginable achievements there’s no doubt Musk is one of the most credible persons at present. And undoubtedly a man with such influence can certainly move the market up, down and spiral.

Time and again Musk talks about ideas that would sound bizarre to the average set of eardrums. This guy has made and sold guns that literally threw flame. Imagine how good any idea will take off would it solve an actual problem.

This reminds me of a tweet from Musk in 2019. It reads, “Tesla is going to develop a quiet, electric leaf blower.” Laughable right? And why wouldn’t it be? Imagine the most valuable car company in the world diving into the leaf blower market.

It’s been two years since Elon talked about this idea and till now, we haven’t heard any update regarding this “ultra-silent leaf blower” he talked about and that’s understandable. Man has a lot more important projects to take care of.

What we failed to understand is he passed us a life-changing idea for which there’s a huge market. When I say huge, I really mean humongous. You may know or not, but till 2018 alone there were around 25% of Americans living in the country’s suburbs.

Out there the streets are mostly tree-lined and people love to keep their lawn manicured, I mean who wouldn’t? Now imagine the leaves from these trees messing the beauty of your manicured lawn, frustrating right? And this is exactly where the conversation starter “Leaf Blower” comes up.

To keep it simple, leaf blowers are tools that blow away the unnecessary stuff and help keep your lawn clean. While it is a very important tool it does come up with a con. And that is the horribly loud noise it produces.

So, Musk being Musk used Twitter and right there spat a multi-million-dollar problem-solving idea for any of us to take action on. Sadly, until now it seems no one has.

You may say there are already electric leaf blowers that are quieter than the traditional gas ones. But even the existing ones aren’t quiet enough. Some towns have already started banning the use of gas-powered leaf blowers and some have limited the use of it to certain times a year. This is enough to understand people are interested in the innovation of a quieter electric leaf blower.

This idea has gone unnoticed for 25 months already now. Time may be near when someone picks this idea and solve a huge problem facing every American living in the suburb.

There’s no question regarding how significant Musk is, and like it’s famously said, “Great leaders don’t just inspire followers; they inspire more leaders.”

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