Apple Stores in the United States will continue to enforce mask mandate

Apple’s retail service has responded to changing conditions around the world since the coronavirus pandemic, but it is not changing direction in response to the most recent CDC public health guidelines. According to Bloomberg, the government has told US retailers that mask bans and other COVID-19 procedures will remain in effect for the time being, despite the fact that more people are being vaccinated in the region.

Some stores, such as Target and CVS, have now removed national mask standards, while others, such as Walmart and Trader Joe’s, have not. According to 9to5Mac, Apple’s strategies can also be adapted to local conditions, adding that as the number of cases in Michigan rose in recent weeks, stores in the state were closed and reopened as Express locations.

Late last year, Apple (AAPL 192 +1 +1%) played with the format, in which shops are walled off with windows and customers are served one at a time. If the pandemic disappears (hopefully), it will be curious to see which measures are reversed and when, and which remain in effect forever.

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