A Florida lawyer was arrested after ramming her ex-husband’s house with her SUV and vomiting on a deputy

According to a story, a Florida lawyer was arrested after ramming her SUV into her ex-husband’s house threatening to kill his girlfriend, and spitting on a sheriff’s deputy.

According to court records, Francine Blair Bogumil, 40, crashed her Land Rover into the back of a GMC Yukon parked in her ex-driveway husband’s on April 30, 2020, around 3 a.m. She had left her five-year-old and eleven-year-old children at home alone.

According to the records, the force jammed the Yukon into her ex-garage husband’s door, turning it inward 2 to 3 feet.

Bogumil’s ex-husband saw her throwing things at his girlfriend’s BMW and breaking the windows when he came out of his house, according to the article. He said he called 911 and tried to intervene between Bogumil and his mother, claiming he slapped Bogumil once after she slapped him twice.

“I will kill you, b***”Bogumil allegedly screamed at the girlfriend. He also said, “No. F*** you!” and spit on an Orange County Sheriff’s deputy when he ordered her to stop shouting, according to the paper. According to court records, Bogumil posted bail and texted her ex-husband and his girlfriend days after her detention, in violation of a restraining order.

Bogumil allegedly told his girlfriend, according to the article, that “Then there’s your mother and father. If I were you, I’d back the f*** up. Just a thought. Keep away from my kids, you’ve been warned.” She was also accused of printing missing person fliers with a photo of her ex-husband for her two children.

Bogumil sent the ex-husband a text message that said: “You should hold it against yourself because I’m just getting started with the ways I can ruin your life… Unless you surrender, I WILL f*** up your country. This time, I’m not going there. It’s about to get a whole lot worse.”

Bogumil was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a police officer, domestic violence battery, two counts of violating domestic violence restraining order, and criminal mischief. Since pleading no contest to the charges, she was sentenced to 51 weeks in Orange County Jail.

Bogumil has been suspended from the bar since then, with Judge Daryl Jay Isenhower suggesting that she be permanently impeached.

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