Tesla Steps Up Engagement With Chinese Regulators

China is trying to regulate large and powerful private companies,
especially in the technology sector, on concerns about their views
the setbacks in its second-biggest market but regulators in China
discuss industry policies and standards with global and local
companies, industry associations, and think-tanks not forgetting that
China’s largest manufacturers typically join such meetings in China
but Tesla officials were largely absent from such meetings.

Tesla executives were said to have attended at least four policy meetings, with topics such as auto data collection, vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity technology, automotive recycling, and so on.

Tesla’s Shanghai plant produces hybrid Model 3 sedans and Model Y sport-utility vehicles, and the company is looking for managers to update a regulation database and establish partnerships with the government.

It was unclear how many government affairs managers Tesla planned to employ because pressure has been mounting in recent months on Tesla’s largely excellent relations with Beijing.

The military prohibited its vehicles from approaching its complexes in March, citing security issues over vehicle cameras. In response, Tesla has stated that it will establish a data center in China and implement self-inspection to boost services.

However, the person in charge of China’s government affairs campaign was chastised in state media last month.

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