Rappers Young Thug & Gunna Pay Bail For 30 Nonviolent Offenders

Two well-known rappers have reached out to assist many people in Atlanta who have been arrested for minor offenses.

Over the weekend, Young Thug and Gunna posted bail for 30 people at the Fulton County Jail.

The rappers said all those they assisted were being kept on minor charges but were unable to bail out because they lacked the financial means to do so.

Those that were let go were given a home-cooked meal and told they’d be in a music video soon.

The rappers stated that they plan to repeat their charitable act in the future.

We have seen other celebrities and athletes do similar acts.

Two of the game’s top players have shown up to help Florida felons in voting in last year’s poll.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, LeBron James and Michael Jordan contributed to Michael Bloomberg’s $27 million campaign to help clear fines and fees for almost 40,000 felons in the state so that they can vote in the election.

Approximately 75% of ex-felons owe court debt, and approximately 70% are unable to pay.

This makes it hard for these people to get jobs, vote, and participate in other civil services.

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