Iran has vowed retaliation for the ‘Israeli’ attack on the Natanz nuclear facility.

Iran’s foreign minister has said that his country would retaliate (take revenge) for an attack on an underground nuclear facility, which it has blamed on Israel.

After briefly announcing a power outage, Iranian officials said the Natanz uranium enrichment plant was the victim of “nuclear terrorism” on Sunday.

Israel has not spoken, but public radio reported that it was a Mossad cyber attack, citing intelligence sources.

According to US intelligence officers, a massive explosion totally demolished the independent internal power grid that supplied the centrifuges inside the underground factory. They predicted that resuming enrichment there would take at least nine months.

According to an intelligence ministry source, the chief suspect has been named, and an operation to apprehend them is underway, according to Iran’s Nour News service, which is associated with the Supreme National Security Council.

In order to break the impasse, US and Iranian officials are having indirect talks in Vienna, Austria, with European officials serving as intermediaries.

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