Tesla Only Offering 94 Mile Range On Model 3 Cars In Canada

In Canada, Tesla is selling their Model 3 cars with only with only 94 miles (151 km) of driving range. Previously, you could not see this feature on their website but now you can on the Tesla Canadian website.

The Canadian government offers tax incentive to people for purchasing a new EV but that vehicle has have a base price that is under $45,000 and cost no more than $55,000 with options.

Tesla vehicles did not qualify for this incentive. So Tesla lowered it’s price to $44,999 in order to qualify and calls it the Model 3 Standard Range.

To get the price down, Tesla software-locked the battery pack to 94 miles (151 km) and removed it’s most popular feature, Autopilot.

The Standard Range was purchased by very few Canadian buyers because it was not sold and only those who heard about it bought it.

94 miles isn’t a long distance, but many people don’t need that much range and can do without Autopilot if it means they can buy a new Model 3 after the tax credit.

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