It Was “Totally Unnecessary”

The first week of ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s murder trial ended Friday with evidence from the department’s longest-serving officer, who said Chauvin breached police policies when he kneeled on George Floyd’s throat for nine-and-a-half minutes last May as Floyd repeatedly screamed “I can’t breathe.”

Here is a quick transcript of the exchange:

Matthew Frank: “What is your view of that use of force during that time period?”

Lt. Richard Zimmerman: “Totally unnecessary.”

Matthew Frank: “What do you mean?”

Lt. Richard Zimmerman: “Well, first of all, pulling him down to the ground, face down, and putting your knee on a neck for that amount of time, is just uncalled for.”

More police testimony is scheduled this week, including that of Minneapolis Police Chief Arradondo, who said in June that Floyd’s death was murder and “not the result of a lack of preparation.”

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