Gun Control Coming To The US?

On of the most debated things in the history of the United States is gun control. It is also one of the most divided issues the country faces every year.

When a mass shooting occurs, people at Capitol Hill rush to push out their agenda. The Republican party want the gun law to stay the way they are. While the Democratic party want to change the gun laws and make it more harder and stricter for people to have access to guns.

But on Thursday, The U.S. House of Representatives approved two bills that will control guns. This is a huge shift in politics in many years in the U.S.

The first bill expanding background checks which would make them required for online purchases and private sales.

The second bill would give authorities 10 business days for federal background checks to be completed before a gun sale can be approved.

If both bills are passed into law, they would bring huge changes in the U.S. gun control and sales.

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