Bringing Together Ride-Sharing & Public Transportation

Via Transportation Inc., a ride sharing company, acquired mapping software maker Remix for about $100 million. Remix, a software company that developed a software that help cities plan their transportation routes and make decisions on such things as where to put one-way streets, bike lanes or special lanes for emergency services.

Unlike Uber or Lyft, Vai works with cities to help ride sharing integrate with the cities’ public transportations. For example, a city can offer on-demand transportation and pre-scheduled pickups for people who don’t live near bus or train stations using Vai.

Vai works with an app on any phone or computer. Vai has also helped cities manage surge in transportation by feeding them data that can help cities schedule more buses or stops in certain areas.

Due to COVID-19, public transportation is taking a huge hit in the U.S. But with companies and softwares like Vai, it can take public transportation to a new level.

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