Wagner Group

Blow To Putin As Wagner Group Rebels Against Russian Military

The notorious Wagner group has turned against the Russian military and started marching towards the capital. The Wagner mercenary group has been fighting in Ukraine since Russia invaded it and has helped Russia capture key cities. In the latest address to the nation, Putin accused the group of treason and said everything will be done to protect the state.

Russia Mercenary Threatens To Leave War Amid Ammo Shortage

The head of the Russian mercenary group has threatened to pull out its forces from key Ukrainian regions if not given ammunition. Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin said that the casualties are mounting, and they don’t have enough ammunition to fight the Ukrainian forces.

Ex-US General Working For Russian Private Military Company

The head of the Russian private military company, Wagner, has revealed that the company has a former US general helping the Russian war against Ukraine. The PMC has been involved in as many as four continents securing Russian interests in multiple regions of the world.