Israel Rejects First Ever Saudi Envoy To Palestine

Israel has categorically said that any attempt to open diplomatic representation to Palestine. Much has been happening behind the closed doors between the US and Saudi Arabia to shape the geopolitics of the Middle East. Meanwhile, Saudi recently appointed Nayef bin Bandar Al-Sudairi as an ambassador to the Palestinians and consul-general in Jerusalem.

Israeli Scientists Discover 12,000-Year-Old Bird Bone Flutes

Researchers from Israel have unearthed tiny little bones in northern Israel. The tiny bones were observed to have holes inside them and were identified as flutes used by prehistoric humans for multiple purposes. The sound it produced mimicked birds and were used to scare large aquatic birds, researchers said.

1100 Years Old Hebrew Bible Sold For $38m At Auction

One of the most ancient surviving biblical manuscripts, a Hebrew Bible dating back 1,100 years, was recently sold for an impressive $38 million in New York. The buyer, Alfred Moses, a former ambassador and lawyer from the United States, acquired the manuscript on behalf of the ANU Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Israeli Protests Against Judicial Reforms Enter Its 11th Week

The Israeli protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial reforms have entered its 11th week as the government shows no signs of compromise. The judicial reforms have forced tens of thousands of Israelis to march against the unjust judicial reforms put forward by Netanyahu’s government. 

Israeli Delegation Expelled Out From African Summit

An Israeli observer diplomate was told to leave the African Union summit currently held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The incident has left Israeli officials concerned about the intentions of the African Union. Israeli Foreign Ministry blamed Algeria and South Africa for what happened. Those told to leave included the Deputy Director for Africa at the Foreign Ministry, Sharon Barley, and some other members of the Israeli delegation.

Mini-Drones Attacked Iran’s Defence Factory

The Iranian defence factory came under attack by drone strikes in the city of Isfahan, located 440 kilometres south of the Iranian capital. Drones equipped with small warheads attacked an Iranian defence facility in Isfahan city during the night causing minor damage to the facility’s infrastructure, according to authorities.

Israel Plans Possible Attack On Iranian Nuclear Sites

Israel has been facing an alarming security threat to its existence since Iran’s nuclear agreement in 2015. While criticizing the deal, Israel has made veiled threats to target Iran’s critical infrastructure. Recently, Israeli Defence Minister, Benny Gantz said that Israel could attack Iran’s nuclear sites in the coming two or three years.

Apple Announced New ‘Lockdown Mode’ For Its Devices

Apple for years has marketed its iPhones, iPads, and Macs as the most secure and privacy-focused devices on the market. On Wednesday, July 06, 2022, it bolstered that effort with a new feature coming this fall called Lockdown Mode, designed to fight targeted hacking attempts like the Pegasus malware, which oppressive governments reportedly used on human rights workers, lawyers, politicians, and journalists.