Pilot Heroically Saves Homes & Crash Lands on Sydney Airport

Australian news broadcasters are running a video of absolute heroism as a plane pilot played out his skills to save hundreds of homes below and crash lands on Sydney airport.

A pilot and passenger walked away unhurt after their light plane crash-landed in suburban Sydney, narrowly missing hundreds of houses.

The Cessna aircraft experienced engine failure on Sunday, prompting pilot Jake Swanepoel to issue a mayday call and glide the plane towards Bankstown Airport in Sydney’s southwest. 

Plane Faced Engine Failure

Footage from Nine News showed the plane coming perilously close to trees and buildings as Swanepoel maneuvered the aircraft.

“It was gliding, there was no power, we clipped the trees and just made it over the hanger,” Swanepoel said.

Swanepoel landed the plane on an airport taxiway, where it skidded to a stop on its belly.

He explained that he retracted the landing gear because the plane was so low he feared it might hit the roofs of houses during the approach.

Airport staff rushed to assist the pilot and passenger but both emerged unhurt.

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