Story of A Man Who Turned His Dead Father Into A Chatbot

A businessman from California has created an AI-powered Chatbot to relieve the pain of those who have lost their loved ones.

James Vlahos, the man behind HereafterAI, came up with an idea to virtually bring back loved ones by using AI-chatbot that can talk and impersonate the deceased individual. 

James’ Journey

James told the BBC that it all started back in 2017 when he got the tragic news of losing his father to terminal cancer.

The news broke James apart but he had an idea to bring back his father, at least that’s how he explained it.

He trained the AI with hours and hours of audio conversations he had with his father when he was alive.

That’s how James created what he called HereafterAI, first a chatbot later turned into a full-time business that is now helping people all around the country interact with their deceased loved ones.

Although the experience can’t replicate the physical presence of someone, psychologists believe it still does enough to relieve the pain of losing loved ones.

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