NY Latest To Warn Against Botox Shots From Unlicensed Providers

New York City health officials have warned against using Botox shots from unlicensed medical health services.

The New York City health department said in a statement that the public must be cautious about using botulinum toxin injections as cases emerged of serious illnesses associated with them.

The warning came after three individuals suffered serious conditions like “double vision, drooping eyelids, dry mouth and difficulty swallowing to hoarseness of voice, shortness of breath and difficulty raising arms”, the Guardian reported. 

New Yorkers Should Not Be Getting Injections

The statement warned against using Botox injections from friends or at parties as “botulinum toxin injections are a medical procedure”.

The health experts mentioned that if an injection provider does not mention the risks and downsides associated with the Botox shots, chances are you are at risk of serious diseases.

Even if the product is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, administering it incorrectly could cause harm to the body’s nerve cells, the statement added.

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