Chinese Students in US Facing Intense Interrogations By Security

Chinese students in the United States are facing intense interrogations and security checks at Airports despite holding valid work or study visas, reports mentioned.

The situation is badly affecting the research and academic work of thousands of Chinese students currently enrolled in American educational institutes. 

Students Being Deported

The Chinese embassy in Washington revealed that over 70 students have been deported since July 2021 back to China.

Testimonies on Chinese social media accounts also reveal unjust treatment at US borders, sparking concern among academics about future studies.

Professor Qin Yan from Yale School of Medicine mentioned that he is aware of more than a dozen Chinese students who have been rejected by the US in recent months.

Why is The US Doing So?

Experts believe that the refusals are linked to the 2020 policy of the United States that barred Chinese postgraduate students with links to China’s “military-civil fusion strategy”.

Academics say they don’t know the reasons why they are being interrogated by US security officials.

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