NASA Chief Warns China is Building Military Presence in Space

NASA’s chief has warned that China is rapidly building military capabilities on space under the disguise of civilian programs.

NASA administrator Bill Nelson urged lawmakers in the Capitol Hill that China is trying to achieve military objectives and Washington must remain vigilant of the consequences.

Space Race

Nelson said the US and China are in a space race that could prove to be disastrous for humanity.

“We believe that a lot of their so-called civilian space program is a military program. And I think, in effect, we are in a race,” Nelson said.

Nelson added that China has developed highly sophisticated and secretive space missions to undermine peaceful coexistence.

US Must Land First

Nelson urged the US policymakers to land on the moon before China does.

If China lands on the moon before the US, they’ll claim that the moon is our territory and others should stay out, NASA’s chief added.

The implications of space race between the two giant economies will have severe consequences for 8 billion people living on the planet.

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