Video Shows Skydivers Witnessing Solar Eclipse Mid Air

As North Americans gathered to witness the total solar eclipse on Monday, 41 individuals chose a unique vantage point — experiencing the eclipse while skydiving over North Texas.

The daring stunt involved 41 skydivers, including five tandem pairs and 26 seasoned jumpers, who skydived from aircrafts midair to witness one of the rarest scientific events.

Project Was in Work For 5 Years

According to Cara Rosier of Skydive Spaceland Dallas, this project had been in the works for nearly five years.

Planning began formally in 2019 with the establishment of a Facebook page, and tickets were sold in January.

Rosier noted that securing a spot was difficult as hundreds of skydivers were willing to take part in the event.

Initially, there were concerns about visibility due to clouds and air traffic, but Rosier explained that the clouds cleared as the plane took off.

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