Video Shows Police in New Mexico Chase Down Suspect on Horseback

Police officers in New Mexico adopted a unique strategy to arrest a shoplifter outside a pharmacy in Albuquerque this month.

The suspect attempted to evade capture by fleeing from a police officer on horseback, but the officer continued to follow her.

Bodycam footage from the police captured the dramatic moment when a dark-brown horse swiftly closed in on the suspect clad in black attire, swiftly bringing him to a halt in the parking lot.

Other Police Officers Arrived

As seen in the video, an Albuquerque police officer can be heard shouting, “Albuquerque police, stop!”

The man denies involvement, leading the horse and officer into the street and causing a commotion.

The suspect was surrounded by two other police officers who arrived at the scene riding horses.

Suspect Was Arrested

This unusual suspect chase garnered widespread attention in the US media, depicting it as a scene straight out of the Wild West.

One of the officers dismounted and apprehended the man, who allegedly stole $230 worth of merchandise from Walgreens, according to the Albuquerque Police Department.

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