Japanese Nappy Makers To Focus on Adults Instead of Babies

A Japanese diaper manufacturer has announced to halt production of baby diapers in the country and shift its focus to the adult market due to Japan’s aging population and declining birth rates.

Oji Holdings, the parent company, revealed that its subsidiary, Oji Nepia, currently produces 400 million infant diapers annually, with a decline in production since 2001 when it peaked at 700 million diapers.

Demand for baby diapers is declining as Japan’s population crumbles

Adult Diaper Sales Skyrockets

The decision comes as adult diaper sales have outpaced those for babies for over a decade in Japan, reflecting a broader trend of an aging society.

Last year, Japan recorded its lowest number of births since the 19th century, with only 758,631 babies born, down by 5.1% from the previous year.

Japan’s Population Problem

Japan continues to struggle from low birth rates despite government efforts to incentivize childbirth.

Similar demographic challenges are observed in other East Asian countries like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea.

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