Hospice Nurse Reveals Common Things Patients Feel Before Death

Death has been a topic of intense human curiosity since it gained consciousness hundreds and thousands of years ago.

But the mystery still remains intact and scientists are coming up with different ways to grasp the nature of death.

Regardless of knowing or not knowing what is waiting for us on the other side of the journey, end-of-life nurse Ruby Gramlow says the majority of people on deathbed experience common things before they’re about to die.

Energy Boost

In a blog post for HHRV, Ruby explains how people experience a sudden boost of energy when they are about to die.

“This surge of energy is usually short, lasting anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, and may occur one to two days prior to death,” she writes. 

Increased Appetite

Those around the dying person misinterpret this sign as one of recovery but Ruby says it is not all too well with it.

This happens frequently and the patient might eat more than usual. 


It is normal for dying people to hear, see and feel things beyond our comprehension.

“People will commonly see deceased family members, pets or angels” before they die, Ruby says. 

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