Apple to Integrate Google’s Gemini AI Service Into iPhone

According to Bloomberg’s report, Apple is in discussions with Google to integrate the Gemini artificial intelligence engine into the iPhone, according to Bloomberg News sources.

The talks focus on licensing Google’s AI chatbot Gemini for new iPhone features this year, although specific terms and branding of the agreement remain undecided.

It is unlikely that any deal will be announced until June during Apple’s annual developer conference.

Partnership Could Extend Google’s Reach

The negotiations come after Apple’s recent discussions with OpenAI regarding its ChatGPT model.

If successful, the partnership could extend Google’s AI services to over 2 billion Apple devices, potentially addressing concerns about Apple’s slow AI app deployment and recent share decline.

However, such an agreement could face scrutiny from US regulators who are already concerned about Google’s search dominance.

Google’s previous partnership with Samsung to deploy genAI in the Galaxy S24 series highlights its efforts to expand Gemini’s usage.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has emphasized significant investments in generative AI, hinting at plans for new capabilities in iOS 18.

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