Boeing Whistleblower Mysteriously Found Dead in US

A former employee of Boeing who raised concerns about the firm’s production standards was found dead in a car park, the BBC reported.

The Charleston County coroner said that Mr. John Barnett died because of a self-inflicted wound, but the investigation is still underway.

Barnett Worked For Boeing For 32 Years

The 62-year-old worked for the US-based plane giant for more than three decades but later retired due to health complications.

Mr. Barnett had been raising concerns about low-quality standards throughout Boeing’s production chain.

In 2019, Mr. Barnett told the BBC that workers feel under pressure and are deliberately fitting substandard parts on aircraft.

He claimed that 25% of emergency oxygen systems wouldn’t work, meaning only one in four could fail to deploy in a real-life emergency during flight.

As per the BBC, the deceased Boeing employee informed the managers, but they took no action without any reason.

Police found the dead body of Barnett in his hotel car park, but they have not yet reached a definite conclusion.

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