How The Tragedy of Nex Benedict’s Death unfolded?

The sudden death of Nex Benedict, a young non-binary teen has drawn national attention with calls for a transparent investigation increasing.

The 16-year-old apparently died after having to face bullying at the hands of several schoolgirls.

Owasso police have said they will not disclose any information until crucial medical evidence is received.

Nex Benedict’s Story

According to eyewitnesses and the victim, a group of school students attacked Nex when he was in the bathroom.

Media reports suggest that Nex had previously been bullied and harassed by some individuals for his gender identity.

After the fight, Nex was admitted to the hospital where he explained his entire story.

How Did Nex Die?

The police statement said Medics were rushed to the house of Nex the day after the fight as he struggled to breathe.

A lawyer representing the Benedict family said Nex’s death was caused by bullying, while the Owasso Police Department said Nex didn’t die of bullying or trauma.

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