Indian Freight Train Travels 70 Km Without Driver

Indian railways have started an investigation into an incident involving a freight train that traveled more than 70 kilometers without a driver.

Videos on social media revealed a fast-moving train passing through at least five train stations before it was stopped in Hoshiarpur district of Punjab.

Train officials said no one was hurt in the incident after the train was stopped via wood blocks.

Cause of The Incident

Officials told the Press Trust of India that the incident happened after the train stopped at a station in Jammu for a crew change.

The train then began moving down a slope after the driver and his assistant got off.

The train moved nearly 100 kilometers per hour without anyone’s assistance, while the railway authorities blocked roads for public transport to avoid unnecessary harm.

The train was stopped “after a railway official placed wood blocks on the tracks to stop the train,” media reports said.

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