US Makes Historic Lunar Touchdown After 55 Years

The United States has landed on the moon’s surface after 50 years.

The American commercial company Intuitive Machines made history by landing its Odysseus robot on the south lunar moon.

The company took several minutes to confirm the landing and establish a connection with the robot.

Absence Broken

The US broke its space silence 50 years after Apollo’s historic landing in 1969.

The BBC reported that controllers had to face mission-ending technicalities prior to the descent, but they managed to solve it.

The lander was silent for several minutes, leading to concerns about the lander’s health, but the robot started sending back pictures when the connection was established.

A Giant Leap Forward

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) hailed the touchdown as “a giant leap forward”.

BBC’s science correspondent Jonathan Amos confirmed that the primary objective of the lander is to collect and analyze the behavior of lunar dust, “which the Apollo astronauts found to be a serious nuisance”.

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