Thieves Caught on Camera Stealing 35,000 Pokémon Cards

Thieves Caught on Camera Stealing 35,000 Pokémon Cards

Under the cover of night, thieves executed a heist at a San Jose trading card store in California.

They entered, one crawling to avoid detection, and swiftly took over 35,000 Pokémon cards.

Tofu’s Trading, the store, captured the unusual break-in on surveillance footage at 2 am on January 24.

The Theft Was Not Targeted

The theft was not targeted as the thieves didn’t know exactly what to take and how to execute their operation.

The store’s co-owner and manager, Amy Simpson, said there was a fridge blocking the entrance from the side door, and that is what makes him think it was not a targeted attack at all.

Tofu’s Trading statement on Instagram

Estimated Worth

Tofu’s Trading estimates that the stolen Pokémon Cards are worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The store owners were so shocked by the entire episode of a robbery that they made a video and put it on social media.

“They can take our products, but they can never take away our love of running a local hobby store in our community.” the store said on Instagram.

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