Iran Attacks 3rd Country in 24 Hours As It Strikes Pakistan

Pakistan is furious after Iran launched airstrikes targeting militant groups inside Pakistan’s territory.

Pakistani military leadership is currently going through multiple options to respond to blatant violation of its sovereignty.

The unprovoked attacks were condemned by both the civil and military leadership of Pakistan as it recalls its ambassador from the neighboring country.

What Happened?

Iran claims to have carried out an attack against Jaishul Adal, a militant outfit inside Pakistani territory on the night of 16 January.

Two missiles fired from Iran landed in the villages of Sabsko and Chedgi of Panjgur inside Pakistani territory.

The Pakistani government termed the attack as “illegal” and warned of “serious consequences”.

Iran has attacked three countries in less than 24 hours, including the latest assault on Pakistan.

Pakistan Severs Ties With Iran

In response, Pakistan has expelled the Iranian ambassador and severed all ties with the neighboring country.

Top Pakistani military and Air Force brass has held a meeting to respond to the territorial integrity of Pakistan.

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