FAA Grounds 171 Flights After Airline Door Opens Mid-Air

The United States aviation authorities have grounded 171 flights after Alaska Airlines’ window blew up mid-air.

The passengers were terrified to see a big hole in the plane’s fuselage which forced the plane to land immediately.

The brand new airplane was at 16,000 feet when the incident took pace, Al-Jazeera wrote.

The window blew open mid-air

Airline Door Opens Mid-Air

Alaska Airlines first grounded all of its Boeing 737 Max 9 aircrafts after a window on one of the aircraft in mid-air shortly after the plane took off.

The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has ordered an immediate inspection into the incident before the plane could fly again.

Screenshot from passenger’s video shows open window

“The FAA is requiring immediate inspections of certain Boeing 737 MAX 9 planes before they can return to flight,” the statement said.

Fortunately, all 174 passengers on board were safe and the seat beside the window was also vacant.

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