Tesla Recalled 1.6 Million Cars in China Over Autopilot Defects

Tesla has recalled 1.6 million cars in China due to concerns regarding automatic assisted steering and door latch controls. The recall is affecting the majority of cars the company has sold in the country.

Tesla Recalls Cars

“China’s State Administration for Market Regulation said Tesla in Beijing and Shanghai would use remote upgrades to fix the problems, so in most cases car owners would not need to visit Tesla service centers”, the guardian reported. This is Tesla’s second recall within a month when the company issued notice to more than 2m of Tesla EVs.

Tesla To Upgrade Autopilot Cars

Tesla is looking to upgrade its cars to make sure the drivers are attentive to driving. Despite the setbacks, Tesla remains a key player in the global electric vehicle market, alongside leading Chinese automakers like BYD. The company also said it’ll not necessarily recall the cars physically, but the upgrade will take place remotely.

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