Senior Policy Advisor Resigns Over Biden’s Inaction in Gaza

A senior policy advisor in the Biden administration has resigned from the office criticizing President Joe Biden’s inaction in Gaza.

War in Gaza has been ongoing for the last three months, and since then, no effort has been made to stop it or at least impose a ceasefire.

US Official Resigns

A senior policy adviser in the Office of Planning and Evaluation at the US Department of Education, Mr. Tariq Habash, said He can no longer work under President Biden’s administration.

He said he couldn’t represent an administration that is systematically helping in the dehumanization of Palestinians.

Second US Official

“Today, I resigned from the Biden-Harris Administration. I cannot represent an administration that systematically dehumanizes Palestinians and enables their ethnic cleansing,” he said on X, formerly Twitter.

Mr. Habash, who is of Palestinian origin, is the second US public official leaving his job for the same reason after Josh Paul.

Paul, a State Department public affair official, resigned from the post for the same reason.

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