Horrific Runway Crash At Tokyo Airport Leaves Jet in Flames

Hundreds of passengers were evacuated after a plane caught fire while landing on a Tokyo airport runway.

The Airbus A350 was engulfed in flames as it touched the runway and crashed into smaller Coast Guard aircraft that were delivering aid to earthquake-hit regions.

Five crew members have died as a result of the fire, with 367 passengers being evacuated.

Video Went Viral on Social Media

Social media footage from within the cabin showed how passengers could see the flames at the back exterior of the plane through the cabin windows as it continued down the runway immediately after the collision.

Local media said the fire was extinguished by 8.30 pm, nearly three hours after the initial impact.

The incident is Being Investigated

The Ministry of Land, infrastructure, transport and Tourism and the National Transportation Safety Board said they were investigating why the two planes were on the same runway.

Tokyo Airport suspended its operations for local flights, but international flights were still operational.

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