Report Shows China is Secretly Building Base For Nuclear Tests

China is secretly developing its nuclear infrastructure amid concerns that it’ll conduct nuclear tests.

According to The New York Times report, the Chinese government is secretly working to test its next-generation nuclear weapons to increase its force and destruction.

China Chooses Old Base

The report coupled its claims with satellite imagery to confirm that China was using its 60-year-old base for nuclear tests.

China’s old base, Lop Nur, was selected to revive the nationalist sentiment amid a wave of geopolitical security challenges China is facing.

“All the evidence points to China making preparations that would let it resume nuclear tests,” a nuclear expert told the New York Times.

China Constructing Tunnels

The New York Times imagery has confirmed that China has been constructing horizontal tunnels at least 3 miles deep in the mountains.

Those same tunnels were used in China’s first-ever nuclear test in 1964, the NYT report wrote.

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