Little Boy Survives in Tree As Deadly Tornado Rips Home

A 4-month-old boy was found alive in a tree after a deadly tornado hit Tennessee days back.

The baby, Lord, was miraculously thrown towards a tree when the tornado hit their mobile home, hurting the family members.

He survived and was found in a fallen tree.

Baby Survives Tornado

The parents of the little boy said their mobile home was struck by the tornado, tearing it apart.

Lord and his parents suffered minor injuries during the incident, but they thought they had lost the baby and would never see it again.

“I was pretty sure he was dead and we weren’t going to find him.” his mother said.

The Boy Was Fine

The boy’s parents said the Lord is doing well, and they are not worried about his health.

Boy’s aunt has started a GoFundMe fundraising campaign to help them compensate for losing their home and car.

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